Updating the White Shirt!

If you have a play Joker in the wardrobe both male as female is the white shirt! It’s no use, it can be said that it is unanimous: when you don’t know what to use, is the white shirt deal first. For that same reason we tend to be a bit methodical when using this piece–always with a pair of jeans or tailor, heels and handbag neutral–not least because this look good for almost all occasions of this life!

However, today’s post is to show how you can update this piece and create very different productions to work, relax and even a ballad. The first three are different pants looks, a good idea to dare is to combine with colorful pants, boots and animal print bag because you stay. The carrot pants the look is more elegant, with fine nozzle pumps, blazer and clutch -great for those days that we have an important lunch in the middle of the job. And for those who enjoy the trend of militarism, the white shirt looks great with khakis with the coiled bar, belt and bag large -tipped to be bet on high is high and maxi necklace.

With pins the look even more feminine: the first photo shows a great option for Ballad of printed skirt and short-barreled Bootie. Already for a stripped, Valley combine with hot pants and Sandals, beach hair gives the final touch in this type of production. And, finally, Olivia Palermo giving a lesson of style: blazer with the sleeves rolled up and his shirt showing, short printed p & b, giant purse and shoes oxford-basic and full of attitude!

What is your favorite outfit?

Photos: Reproduction

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