Understand a Little about Jewelry Metals and Jewelry

For those who love jewelry and jewelry it is always important to know about how the pieces are made, what they are made of and how to care for each different type. This abasic knowledge helps to keep the pieces prettier and for much longer as beautiful as if they had been purchased recently.

The first question that must be understood is that metal becomes the basic element in the manufacture of every jewel, semi-jewelery and costume jewelery. Whatever jewelry, the presence of metal is essential. With the artistic currents, other materials have emerged in the production of cutting-edge jewels: acrylic, wood, natural fibers, seeds, glass, but metal remains the preferred material of the manufacturers according to A2zyellowpages.

One of the most used metals in the process of making jewelry, semijoias and bijus is without a doubt, gold. Gold is, in turn, the preferred in the production in what was agreed as a high jewelry. Then another widely used metal is platinum.

Proceeding to platinum, one has the use of silver. However, it is often described as a less relevant metal, and does not add as much commercial value to the resale of the parts produced. This is due to the fact that silver jewelry oxidizes, however it is always important to note that the pieces made in silver also have their specific clientele as well as their producing niche. The same holds true for plated jewels, made of brass and other alloys with galvanic baths of precious metals.

Already the color of each metal will vary according to the composition of the alloy, that is, several metals can be added to the yellow gold causing their color to undergo changes. For example, gold + 16.6% silver + 8.3% copper, result in a yellow gold; already gold + 8.3% silver + 16.6% copper, will result in a more rosy gold. The so-called white gold, which usually fascinates many women, is the mixture of gold+palladium.

These color variations are often very smooth as well as discrete.

In addition to the change in the metal alloy of the other jewelry body can also be used to change its color, the electroplating, the same used in the veneers. Once ready the jewelry is covered by a layer of noble metal of another color. A surface treatment can cover the part with a certain color while its interior is maintained with the original color of the metal.

An industrial process recently discovered is the Physical Vapor Deposition, which can give the most diverse colors to the metal, intense colors and not just nuances. A material is transformed into vapor and deposited on a surface.