Tweed Jackets, Your Ideal Garment for The Season

Some time ago commented it as lead a Tweed jacket from the hand of the Olsen twins. And these little women as good fashionistas who are seem to be following trends that are already beginning to flood stores Street. Chanel It made her immortal, the point is in the fabric and the cut.

They should be perfectly marked the figure and cowboy or pants dress even more sophisticated flair give any pants. In my eagerness to get me clothes for the office which is not the same old, they can continue to have a modern and trendy I’ve been expanding my options.

And I think that these Tweed jackets they are a good weapon to go warm, being sophisticated and maintain the alternative of my wardrobe. Mostly because you can take them way formal or give them a twist with items like a pair of good jeans simpler.

Mango It was of the first firms to sign up to the Tweed. It has two different jackets, one in shades of purple that not only is the color of the season, but when combined with jeans I saw I loved. The catalog has that picture with some good boots and a drawstring at the neck shirt.

The second comes in black. It is very usable with skirt, dress or also with straight leg jeans. Moreover, this black Tweed jacket seems a lot to one that dressed Victoria Beckham of Chanel with Hat and jersey game. If the Queen of the fashion wears it, is because it is a perfect look? Even I think that you can go with a short night dress and make an estilazo like no other.

Topshop he opts for something more colorful. The style reflects the more jugeton which printed them in any season Karl Lagerfeld to the of Chanel. It comes with a white background and with touches of colors. It makes it ideal to manage a more cheerful style. And although I like enough is not my favorite. But as for tastes the colors…

However, the British firm also can decant by the sophisticated and with other model White with black and Golden shores We have a version of the cla´sico two piece of Chanel suit, but in a vintage style.

Miss Selfridge also bet on one, it comes in the most eighties version of jacket Tweed with gold buttons and a deep red color. The focal point is the V neck and the acinturado jacket.

Finally, I have seen in Zara a beautiful. The Black with white It’s a classic, but for my taste I would like to make me a black, grey and Red I saw with lapel Cross and a little deshilada on the banks. If you see it let me know, but I think that this with Eather It may be an option.