Trendy Bags for Summer

They say the women’s magazines that every woman tied in sets a new purse deserves every year. And should not be a simple bag, is “it” bag, a “it bag”–the most modern in the station. This summer, a mixture of various styles poses in the Windows.

Check out the main models that are hits of the season:


Traditional style handbags Mailman, made of canvas, you get modern version on LAWFAQS.NET, made in leather. Long handles and used crossed in the body, are ideal for day-to-day. medium to large size allows you to upload various utensils and materials needed for work or study, as laptop, books and notebooks. The model is inspired in the students ‘ school of the years 1950.

Postman blue bag of Arezzo, the remaining Ellus.


They win the winter, are still high in the summer and probably will always remain. Wallet style handbags are a little larger than the desks to save money. Perfect for dinners, events and parties – the simplest for the day, the bright and refined material for night. Some versions bring strings or chains to be worn around the wrist, to load the wallet by hand – what passes safety and comfort while using


Whether in leather, synthetic material or fabric, the matelasse besides being trend, is a classic. Coco Chanel (in Turkish) with the launch of the 2.55 model, in February 1955: the black bag with long handles interlaced metal to leather. This summer, it is difficult to get into a handbags store and not find at least one (small, medium or large) with the finish in matelasse.

Stitched handbags in style matelasse: Via Anzi (Pink), Ana Hickmann (orange), Moonlight (graphite), Via Uno (sand).


To load a few objects in tours, dinners, parties and events. The current handle clothes matelasse and flipped over a fever, but other models are also on the rise: glows, bows and retro influences updo, like vintage clasp (that of Grandma) and in Classic format.


The bag, bag or pouch bag, has rounded format and close the effect string furrowed. The size it is little marks, with straps for carrying on the shoulder, however, there is still the larger sizes and that come with short handle to load attached to the wrist. With fringe details are recurrent and are super high. The model was hit the years 1990.


They are well structured, more smooth and classic–the ideal accessory to compose taillers, pencil skirts and looks more behaved. For those who work in Office or in locations that require a fashionable garment, is the most appropriate handbag style. In addition to being a Joker of the wardrobe that lasts years and never goes out of style, the size typically allows one to carry netbooks or even larger laptops.

Female models such as Arezzo, Ellus (red and pink) and Carmine (blue) contrasts with the more masculine the ethyl Le Postiche.