Trends That will Be at the Top of Fashion Summer

The  summer 2017  is yet to come, but the pieces of clothing and accessories that will be at the  top of the fashion season  hottest of next year, have already been presented in national and international shows.  Among the many things that have been shown, some deserve a special highlight.


Straw Bag-The  straw  bag is a much-needed accessory on the  beach  and pool, making it essential on the hottest days of the year. The straw bag will also be used on the streets in colorful versions.

Jeans miniskirt-The jeans  miniskirt  is an indispensable item in summer because it brings the freshness to get rid of the heat of the hot days and can be worn with shirts, shirts and tops. Even with a blazer the miniskirt looks good.

Mule-This  footwear  open back and low heel combines with summer 2017. The  mules  can be used with just dressed up with loose clothing. Footwear can be found in the most diverse colors and brands.

Graphic T-shirts-T- shirts featuring phrases, words and prints  will be at the top of summer 2017 fashion, as they are able to make women’s looks relaxed and combine pencil skirts, jeans and many other pieces.

Sport pants-The  pants  that have elastic waist and waist will be used in the summer of next year, it combines with sneakers and also with high heels. In  summer  combine sports pants with cropped tops.

Shoulder-to-shoulder  Blouses and  Shoulder-neckline  Dresses are great  trends in summer 2017 fashion  because this neckline leaves the looks more feminine and can be combined with tailored pants, short round skirts and long skirts.

So if you’re a trendy woman, check out the list of trends that will be at the top of  fashion  next summer and stand out wherever you go.