Trends a Discussion: Jackets with Bermuda, Yes or No?

Rumer Willis It was left to see in the parade organized by the Genlux magazine with a tuxedo of suggestive cleavage and shorts color stone. Together with a portfolio of hand and a few black salons, the girl was right in full the target. A look is sexy, elegant, and fit for summer.

The first who dared with this trend (if my memory does not fail) was Natalie Portman, Tuxedo and shorts in black which led to the 2008 Cannes Festival. Another look 10.

On the top of the runway, have seen paraded versions of this look in Thakoon, in black and Kirsten Dunst wearing a short version of the costume for Boy by Band of Outsiders. I’ve also seen this styling in a journal editorial. It is clear that Bermuda and shorts are in fashion. We must show our legs this summer.

It is clear that my answer to the question is Yes to this trend of jackets with Bermuda, But what is your opinion?. For you is a style too daring or excites you just like me?.