Trend of Fashion Belts

For those who like a different look and sophisticated at the same time the tip is to take advantage of 2011 fashion trends, the fashion world has never been so democratic when the question is style, so the designers have betted on looks to please all the tribes. An accessory from the Pin Up trend has gained much space was the belt, today he does and very well combined with various types of clothes check out following the trend of 2011 fashion belts and leave popping.

Be thin, be wide or medium, a belt always makes a difference in the composition of a look, they have the magical power to assign a special charm and a sophisticated air to any look, but of course you have to be able to match. The sets of 2011 is not exclusive to women, they will be present in modern, simple and casual looks of both sexes in general whenever you read articles sets men end up getting out of hand.

Seat belts not only marked the waist of women but also give greater prominence to the garments. Without much dawdling let’s cut to the Chase, as are the models of 2011 that will be in fashion belts, though they show up in droves in various thicknesses, seat belts that will be the hit of the 2011 fashion are the right skinny with cheerful colors or more opaque, they arrive to match parts of daily life, or even party dresses.

Skinny belts arrived to accompany the skirts and shorts, they mark the waist both of these pieces that combine with the day and night and also with the dresses of the holidays that are sophisticated and elegant. For those who want a more romantic, the colors indicated are blue, baby pink, salmon, yellow soft, nude among others.

The sets of belts for men 2011 remains with the classical models, among other more modern and bold, with materials like cotton and canvas. The buckles will of the modern models with basic geometric shapes. Follow below some photos we’ve selected for you to inhale in productions with the models of 2011 fashion belt.