Trend Alert: Swimsuits For Summer

We are in the time of year when summer and vacations are not more than Beach, Sun and a delicious drink in hand, or well thats what we all want to have and if you have the fortune to go to the beach these days, today I’m going to talk about suits swimwear for men.

4 are styles that are in trend this season. The speedo type truth is that they are very controversial because we are accustomed to seeing them only in competitors diving and swimming, and then clear them with these hot body because they look great, so maybe yes, if you don’t have a worked body and clear confidence and security, this style is not for you. If you leave this option just remember never, never take them in white.

Other styles are those boxer shorts but closely and are similar to the speedo, this style is very distinctive from Daniel Craig as 007 in Casino Royale film. These can be more comfortable than the previous ones and also require security to carry them, they are very similar to the swimsuits of the years 50’s and that is why they become very popular this season, colors are many, and you even find them in prints.

The boxer shorts are the most popular among men, they allow more versatile since you can wear them all day and you can go with them from the beach to the bar without having to get another short over as it would perhaps be the case of the two previous suits.

These shorts must end an inch or two above the knee so that they look good and you can find them in graphic prints or bright colors.

Finally, they are those that are type bermuda, they are longer than your shorts and are classic swimwear for surfers according to PHONECATIONS, they are usually for the guys, but it can always be adapted to older men.

This summer they have shortened a little to give it a more modern twist cutting is keeping a line that will be visible with a good fit this style also offers versatility, and with these you can risk a little more in terms of choice of color and pattern.

Always choose a swimsuit is fun because it allows you to experiment and be a little more risky in colours, patterns and form and the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about both seems out of place on the beach.

What is the swimsuit for you?