Trend Alert: Mirrored Sunglasses

In our winter 2012, the summer of the Europeans and Americans it was colorful and brought a trend in sunglasses that don’t we very well at the time. So, it’s time to invest in mirrored glasses to enjoy a brazilian Beach, the vacation and the next few months of heat and intense sun.

After the success in the years 1980, the glasses with mirrored lenses are back with allthe major brands have launched models as well. It is important that you know that is no longer a stereotype of surfers, and although controversial, the accessory is used by fashionistas on duty: from famous bloggers, publishers and even as costumes in films with actresses we love!

To enter in this fashion, you should choose the model that will buy and tailor it to your everyday life: some people prefer those of neutral colors as amarronzadas lenses, black, silver and Golden tones. This type of lens does well to work, lunch with friends and daily life in big cities-you look stylish, but without drawing too much attention. The glasses chosen by Anna Dello Russo is pretty nice and simple, the Aviator model is the best choice for sophisticated opinion due to your fine metal frame according to Sunglasseswill.

But if you’re daring, it is worthwhile investing in colored lenses! The bloggers Taylor Tomasi Hill and Chiara Ferragni show how to use: Orange lens to match your hair or even gradient to compose looks with all kinds of clothes. Paris Hilton already and Selena Gomez preferred to flashy models in Blue and orange to enjoy festivals and beach, in other words, these models perfectly combine with holidays and lots of fun! Choose the acrylicframes, model bold even, are more relaxed. Now that you know how to use, think about your style and runs to ensure your.

Has anyone bet?

Photos: Reproduction

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