Touch in Wool-Models

TACA EM LÁ-MODELOS-Not specifically for the winter, but always when it arrives or even approaches, many people begin to search clothes and wardrobe in search of that old sweaters and scarf, which is not even trendy, but how They say,    the winter fashion who does and you, and incredible as it may seem, this is the truth, and one of the pieces that ends up giving that final touch usually being that old Wool Taco, that even gets faded, But it will make a difference.

Very well, this is a small portrait of millions of people, not only here in Brazil, but in various parts of the world, but we can use as a reference a beautiful Toca de Lã, which is always a great companion at any time, especially in the nights Or even in the unexpected moments when we do not have time to tidy our hair, finally a good Burrow, always being very welcome.

The market has come to offer a wide variety of products in this follow-up, but many people choose to do the same, or hire the famous knit, which always end up creating beautiful models and certainly always have some close to us. We can request different models different from those of the market. Check below some beautiful outfits and do not forget to comment.

Point Used

Bar2/2: 2 m., * 2 t., 2 m.*

Sample-A square of 10 cm in bar 2/2 in the ag. # 6=18 p. X 24 car..


Start with the end of the thread that is in the center of the ball. Monte 64 p. On ag. Nº 6 and tric. In bar 2/2. At 27 cm from the beginning of the work pass two wires together inside all the points. Pull firm and tie to join all p..


Sew the side of the cap and attach the pom pom that comes along the ball at the top of the cap.