Tips for the First test of Dress

Today I want to share with you the typical doubts in the first test of dress. If you’re in the first test, it is because you perfectly know who want to be your Designer the most important day of your life. So you have the hardest drink surpassed!

If you have decided to allow me the honor to make the wedding dress, in my case, I’m going to give the recommendations I give to brides that pass by the atelier according to

  1. Bra: is it moreimportant to bring him up in the first test that you do with me in the Studio. How perfect would be that it was the same that you are going to use the day you cases. The colors that you propose to Bra of your wedding are as follows:




It can be casserole Dura, Underwire, padded or not, without laces in the very narrow strap and Cup. If arise you questions, that would be the mostnormal, bring two or three and I personally advise you when you come.

  1. shoes: are indispensable in your first test.I suggest that you seekcomfort since it is a very important day and all brides spend much time standing. Between greetings, dances and pose for photos should be shoes that on par with beautiful fit perfectly with your feet and do not cause you injuries. My suggestion is a subtle blend of tone and texture, or directly a soft color as dusty pink or silver could, or on the contrary more uploaded like silver or bronze tone aged for the most daring. Recently I had a bride who chose a pair of blue shoes and sat him in wonder.
  1. stockings: must be those that reach the thigh, with silicone.Natural color of 15 DIN. Don’t worry because they hold great, don’t be afraid tolose. If you are worried about the tummy and want to hide a little, you can opt a few pantyhose reducers without problem. Can bring you to the atelier to which les of the approval if you have doubts.

4 who come to this first test? Come with one or at most two. It is a test that can take 1 hour perfectly. Note that it is very important to me, as a designer of your wedding dress because it fit you dress. You have to be as relaxing as possible.

  1. nothing ofcreamsand makeup: remember that I work with top quality fabrics and fundamental is that your skin is clean and dry.

I love to remember moments of your first tests because they are very special to me.

I want to!