Tips For Choosing Your Summer Sandals

After the cold winter, comes to discover your feet and notice that much-needed freshness so hot nowadays. However, you must remember that your feet have been very protected during the winter, and you must choose your summer sandals, always keeping in mind some Tips for choosing your summer Sandals and that your feet do not resent this change.

– Which are skin, both inside and outside. Your summer Sandals must be carried out in skin, since it adapts perfectly to the anatomy of your foot, avoiding blisters and chafing.
In addition, inside should be sheathed in skin, since the softness of it will take care of your feet and, on the other hand, to be a breathable material, you will move away from odors arising excessive sweating in the days where most tighten the heat.

-The heel should not exceed 4 centimeters, but this premise is valid for the whole year. Do not overload your back, since that can lead to back pain, knee or foot. You always have the choice of choosing wedge Sandals, which you rise a few centimeters unless it involves an excessive inclination of the Arch of the foot. And they are very much in vogue!

-Rear clamp. If you’re a pretty walk with them, opt for models that engage with a band or elastic heel area. You will thus avoid the chancleteo that sounds so bad, and so terrible is to the feet. If you use shoes without rear grip and hang out much with them, you can end up having serious problems of long recovery as Fasciitis plantar, or problems under but also very annoying.

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