Tips for Buying Bras

Until now: Maybe you’re not with the right size bra. Yes, bras are expensive and are not the most comfortable to wear clothes, but appropriately chosen bra will give absolute effect on how we look and feel. The first step is crucial; worth to spend time and money on quality underwear.

Once you do the research, you will find that there are some basic rules for wearing a bra, most likely you have not known.

1. Bras never be comfortable to wear. They are not shirts. More likely, your bra is not too tight. Its main function is to maintain the chest, so should fit good to the body. One of the most common rules are adopted can insert a maximum of two dirt between the back and tape bra.

2. Fastening her bra. To save bras, remember to buckle while standing in your underwear drawer. Leaving them unbuttoned, has a chance to catch his other underwear with their buckle and tear it.

3. You should definitely have more than one bra. Bras are underwear – should have more than one pair to be able to change them. And one question: would you wore the same pair several times a week?

4. Beware of the bar that supports two cups. The center of the bra that supports both bra cups front called band / plate. It must be adhered tightly to the skin, there should be no distance between the body and bra.

5. Wash your bras by hand.

No washing machines, dryers and dry cleaning … forget about them, people. Not necessarily every day, but hand washing will maximize the life of these fine fabrics.

6. The size of the bras are different according to nexticle that it is essential to find the right cup size of bra. In all likelihood, in various shops for underwear and bra size are different. Just like clothes and shoes and bras with a difference in size.