Tips for Assembling Your Style and Your Wardrobe

If you like the Pin-Up style but don’t know how to use, these tips can be very helpful.
1) Study fashion history, and find out what the decade with which you have affinity. It must be remembered that the style encompasses three different decades. It’s not that you can’t mix elements of different epochs; because, in fashion, a decade turns out to be a continuation of the previous one. But it’s interesting that you create a consistent style, and with full awareness and knowledge of the look that you ride and your general style. It’s more interesting to be something planned and well founded than something at random and without much discretion. Even more if you have the intention of working in the area as a model. Remember always that fashion is a form of cultural and personal expression. Is the way you express yourself to the world through your body. And so, your style shows a lot about your personality.

2) Meet the different styles that exist within the Pin-Up style. It’s not a homogeneous culture, and there are different sub styles within the culture and style Pin up. Try to know them and understand which of them has more to do with you.

3) be practical: always look for your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle. If you work in an Office, which requires a more formal attire, for example, you need to adapt your pin-up and retro style to this your day to day work. Will need tailoring parts, plus a good dose of common sense. You can’t go to work with a dramatic, using a huge flower in her hair, for example. But you wear pearls, jewelry, scarves and discrete buttons that don’t call as much attention. Let the flashy accessories for happy hour and your leisure time.

If your work is informal or even allows an alternative style, you can be at ease and have a much more free-style and full of possibilities. The same thing happens if you are a student. The Freestyle tip goes for school or college; and the adaptation to the labour market is worth even if you attend some kind of internship.

4) you can also adapt the style to today, if your intention is to a more contemporary pin up style. Simply mix elements pin up, vintage and retro modern parts. The prints and accessories can make all the difference, according to vintagesfinder. It is a style much easier and practical to create.

5) If the money available is a little short, you can invest in a few pieces of thrift store, combined with other retro-style and accessories that make a difference.

6) search for the style of Pin ups of the past and of today, and has reference to those with whom you identify. References are always helpful and can serve as a basis for what you believe that expresses your style and how you feel.

* This text is an excerpt from the book “style guide: Tips for assembling your wardrobe Pin Up”. To read in full, click here and download the book for free.