This Fall, The Campaigns Not Only Will Ring through Your Feet

Get ready for a bell-shaped fall. I mean, not only pants will campaign (and much), but that with the revival years 70 we are living up to the sleeves of blouses and dresses will be flared. Reviewing for the new collections, we see the spirit of Woodstock in blouses with printed cashmere, in bows at the neck, lace-up neckline and above all in sleeves which are stretched more than it should to sound like bells.

I really like are 1970s clothing, dresses to wear with booties, and blouses to wear high waist jeans and a light campaign. It sounds strong in autumn.

  • Printed blouse from Zara, for 39.95 euro.
  • Red blouse patterned Asos daisies, for 62,99 euros.
  • Red Mango dress, for 39.99 euros.
  • Flowers of Zara blouse, for 29.95 euros.