The Trends of 2009

As the end of the year, in Jezebel could not miss the opportunity to know their views on several issues: the worst dressed of the year 2009, as well as the best. But we also like to know your opinion about the trends that we have seen throughout the year.

There are some that have been hard to take, starting with towering boots that begin to show off and will surely see in 2010. We also have shoe Sandals and shoes with cleats.

This leads us directly to the Glam and the eighties rock trend. Metallic Glitters, sequins and disco ball dresses were as seen both in spring-summer 2009 season that we are living in Autumn-winter 2009/10.

And to say the leather. Biker jackets and its more sophisticated versions supplemented the short dresses and any simple look to give that air vintage and rebel that every girl needs from time to time. If you wear a silk dress made us women, leather jackets gave us the crazy touch to turn it into a look of the moment.

The harem pants they have been trying to assert itself as one of the key trends of our wardrobe for long, but I think that version veranieda, short and loose, or in its winter version, more refined and elongated, finally became the year it garment. The versions in the light fabric, spandex or denim are endless. I’ve even seen them wool and cashmere in some stores. Missing me some winter that I hope will acquire the sales.

If this outside little stockings returned in Autumn-winter 2009/10 in its more fantastic. With applique or lace stockings can give to any simple outfit a trendy and fashionista.

And from that, lace garments they went from being part of the lingerie to become an outer garment. We have dressed the most eighties with lace, Ethereal blouses and even some other skirt which revealed a little more than you need.

As for skirts, flyers they continue to dominate, joining to cuts unstructured and volumes which give the figure an ultra-feminine touch. And we also have flyers in blouses, shirts, dresses and jackets.

The latter do not stay in the leather, but they also enter in large shoulder jackets. Balmain It started with them and of the boyfriend we spent some very stylized and elegant whose shoulders also impacted on blouses and dresses. I have two tops of Zara that you have been feeling that touch on the shoulders. Something which I thought very Miami Vice or Prince and that really made a good figure.

So they already have a long list where to get your favorite trend this year. 2009 brought us dramatic look and at the same time very wearable mixed with basic and classic pieces of cotton. And if anything the dudadban, not to dispose some of them, because in 2010 we are sure that they will continue being part of the more it’s the new year that lies ahead.

What is the trend of 2009 that you like the most? (survey software)