The Sexist Jeans

Ok, I know that the low cost I could pass all, saw my passionate love. But this time, women say no, and I want to share the word of Emma Barnett, the Telegraph journalist screaming loudly: I am a woman, not a washerwoman!


Yes, when it takes it takes! Do not you feel called into question by reading the label of a Madhose jeans, famous brand of denim? Ok, the first time I read it I ran a bit ‘funny true, but reading the complaint Emma Barnett I immediately wanted to also tell you girls! The story is this: Emma, ​​the Telegraph journalist has found itself in front of the washing machine and, usually having to do the laundry, read the label to determine how to wash new chinos pants Madhose of her boyfriend. At first I did nothing wrong, the usual indications of ironing, washing and then, at the end of the label here is the phrase that made ​​her stay stucco ” Or give it to your woman, it’s her job” or “Dalli to your woman, it’s his job. ” What did Emma? He took a photo with his smartphone and tweeted as I could, wrote an article in the Telegraph: the news has gone around the world (Ahhh the power of social networks!).


Some have minimiazzato the wrath of Emma with a “Eeeh is an innocent joke!”. Emma instead, probably stressed out as most of the women from the load lava-stretch-kitchen-cleaner wash-irons, countered this way: “I have lived for years during college in a house shared with the full of testosterone males and I think I know how to recognize the jokes, even heavy, male. But here I see no trace of irony. ” Ok, Emma is angry! The company stated that it was unrelated to the facts and has publicly promised that from now on will be much more attention to what is being communicated through its products. And what do you think?