The Right Hairstyle to Enhance Your Jewelry

A beautiful jewel makes all the difference in the look of a woman. The little black dress to a bolder clothing, accessory lights up the visual. And when you choose to use a beautiful piece of jewelry the intention is that it appears, right? So, the hair makes all the difference.
If you’re going to use earring, pendant or necklace, interestingly, do a hairstyle that featured the jewel, and at the same time let the look harmonious.

Check out some hairstyles that emphasize your jewelry:
Ponytail: This hairstyle is ideal to highlight all kinds of jewelry, let your ears and neck exposed. Not to overdo it, leave only a part in evidence, for example, if you choose big earrings the look to be chic and will not require more accessories. Now if you prefer to use a big necklace, the perfect combination is a discreet earrings. For this hairstyle, the Long earrings and Light Eliana Schüssel are great choices.

Coke: In this heat this is a wildcard. Simple and practical, the coke let the neck region all the shows, what you value, and use a beautiful necklace. They are chic and at the same time delicate. The Infinity necklace or the 5 Flower Eliana Schüssel fit perfectly in this option.

Braid: With the braid you can opt for small or large earrings. A jewel with differentiated design goes very well with the style, they are more casual, creating a look interesting. In the shop of Eliana Schüssel you find parts, such as the Mirror and earrings Crater, who value your look still further.

Short Hair: Who has short hair should be aware of the shape of the face to choose the ideal jewel. For example, who has a diamond-shaped face (the top wider than the bottom) earrings and small rings, like the earrings and the Alliance of Eliana Schüssel, are beautiful options.

Now that you know which jewel combines more with every haircut, visit the online store our site and Eliana Schüssel find more interesting and unique models that match your style!