The Recycling of the Maternity Clothes

Already more than eight years ago that was born Jaime and more than five since Julia was born five years since my last baby was inside me whole, first bubbling and then moving clearly, a feeling that will always remain fresh in my memory. It’s been some time since my body demanded clothes that do not comprimiera my body, which gave place to the expansion of my uterus, fuller breasts.

Remember well the clothes that I put. Some bought, others borrowed. There are few months which can take advantage of maternity garment, especially if the pregnancy comprises two distinct weather seasons. Clothing is often new. That almost every woman I know lend to others that led. I’ve done it with almost everything. Some garments in particular have passed by four women.

Not save anything as a souvenir. In the case of clothing used by J & J baby, that I kept some concrete thing as a souvenir. Also I have handed over everything else. But with maternity clothes I have not felt that need. There is no better souvenir than my own memory. But yes that I kept some clothes that could serve me despite being not pregnant.

Just before the summer I went to work with a shirt that was of maternity with Julia and think a little is noticing in the chest, but was perfectly reusable. There are dresses that I used to walk in the House, as a Nightgown, and nursing bras have had a second life as Sports Bras. I imagine that will not always be possible, depends on the bra and how is each woman. But in my case they have perfectly fulfilled. Although little advantage I have. The years do not pass in vain for tissues either.

I have a friend who went with a handful of those garments to fast scissors and managed to suit almost all for use without belly. And I also know another who went looking for just garments that could then have a life beyond pregnancy. She recommended buying loose garments that were not designed specifically for pregnant women. Following your advice I bought some things in normal shops, at a cheaper price, which served me well before and after. Sometimes the prevailing fashion helps.

You have been able to recycle for your own use part of your maternity clothes?

* In the pictures the actresses Zoe Saldana and Hayden Panettiere, who probably do not have the same need of recycling than the pregnant of a foot (GTRES).