The Plaid Is the New Flat in Men’s Fashion?

A few years ago I bet many of you even embarked on the fashion of the chess, but they thought that soon this type of pattern would be saturated, being put aside, remaining only in the wardrobe of some people style as well the specific. More than four years have passed, but the game of chess, continues full steam ahead and, it seems, is to be incorporated definitely in men’s fashion. But how he manages to keep for so long, you must be wondering?

The Plaid Is the New Flat in Men’s Fashion

In the first place chess is nothing new, it’s out there for years, of streetwear to clothing cowboy. Brazil was one of the few countries that did not have a lot of affection for him, but changed his mentality in recent years, making the pattern a hit in the stores. From there, a curious thing happened, the game of chess came to be less noticed because it is so common in all places, losing the status of the main piece and started to function as a companion.

Suddenly the shirts were no longer the emphasis, but use them with a jacket or blazer, to give a spice to the whole special the combination, allowing for mixtures of chess with different weights, since there was some piece to balance. This wave began with the proliferation of the accessories in the picture, so ties, shoes, scarves, scarves and even belts began to appreciate the look, with the madras shirts migrating to the exchanges, the vichy appearing in ties, the woodcutter leaving the shoes up to date.What seemed to be a passing fad, it has evolved and adapted to the style of the new times with incredible success. Let’s see what that will give!