The Most Important Trends in Wedding Dresses

A few days ago was the the Hotel W Santiago, an event that allowed us to learn about the latest trends in dresses for brides Bridal Week Chile 2015.

On the runway of the international event, which takes place in several cities in the world such as Barcelona, London, Paris, New York;arose more than 15 parades where distinguished national designers presented their latest collections.

If you could not attend, here we show you what were the most prominent collections according to growtheology.

Best Wedding Dresses

 Donoso Vedelia

The Haute Couture Designer presented a collection designed for the beach. The inspiration was in the colors of the sky, from the pink LILACS to the yellow green. Eye of Tiger, agate, quartz, amethyst and jade was used in stones story.

Soledad Peña

Solitude has been dedicated for more than one decade to design and on this occasion was collected the opinion of various girlfriends to carry out production. The colors used were mainly warm and classics such as nut butters, raw, and beige. Materials, very light silks, Chiffons, laces and macrame. To deliver major enhancement, worked with River pearls.

HernÁN MatÍAs

Renowned Chilean Designer based his collection on pieces are made by combining bodys with skirts or dresses with corset. It showed abstractions of traditional dresses, transparencies and necklines in the legs, everything well airy and voluminous. He used maya lingerie and leather, opaque satin, cotton chamois, all in black and white.

Ivan Pilkman

In this version of the Bridal Week, Pilkman showed a collection inspired by the Greco-Roman. The fabrics used were Chiffons, silks and crystals, rhinestones and embroidered fabrics. The presentation was focused on high overnight and in their dresses, black was the main protagonist.

Duck Moreno

The girlfriends of this leading Chilean designer collection, was in the comfort of the bride looking for. Embroidered with bases of tulle and gauze fabrics were used. Most viewed colors were ivory, with applications of color gold and silver. Was also used Rhinestones, save and silk ribbons to be able to transform the fabrics.