The Look Right: Smart Casual with Orange Pants

Option for the more adventurous, the pants color of vibrant colors are a risky bet, a misplaced piece next to it can generate a visual of questionable taste. In this example we have a combination that worked without much effort, just good taste, you understand why.

Why does it work?

It is interesting to note that the author’s look reserved for showier parts underneath, while the Dour blazer and blue provided a basic shirt back. Needless to say, if you have any pet peeve with your legs is better not to invest in a look like that, because the attention is well divided between back and legs and light color should leave them slightly thicker than Brown or sea, just to name two options. A very interesting choice was the footwear, a super casual shoes instead of a nubuck shoe, for example, by calling the look, but the blazer is still the King of the male wardrobe, the play, even if it’s not loud, it guarantees attention to certain points, especially when it comes with a stylish Pocket handkerchief.

The colors play with the contrast, and do it very well, the Orange and Brown are opposed to this blue in tennis and shirt. Also note how the distribution of tones was also divided, the vibrant and the more neutral on top, a mixture could put it away, imagine a turquoise shirt and a gray shoes that look to understand what I’m saying. Applause for the selection of belt, gave a nautical touch and left the traditional made of leather without disrespecting the color palette.

Try …

one shoe in the same color, but it’s not a tennis, I believe that will let the composition more rich and interesting.

It wouldn’t be the same if …

the pants were Brown or Navy, the visual would continue well coordinated, but not so bold.

In short:

  • Pants color with bold colors are a risky choice, be prepared to balance the look;
  • Play close attention on the bottom is not a good idea if you don’t think your legs are your strong point;
  • Back behaved and legs can function, the showy tip from thereligionfaqs is: when in doubt add a blazer, he always stands out, simple;
  • Tennis is always welcome, but here maybe the casual shoe is a stylish choice;
  • Change the color of the pants will transform radically the combo, think carefully before you make that decision;
  • Even though the pants call much attention, some details are worth it, as the Pocket square and the striped belt.