The Look Right: Blazer, Knitted Tie Skinny

The version most casual possible of the blazer is, without any doubt, is made of sweatshirt/mesh, because for most that you want to make her look austere, the most that one can do is to become more aligned, but this kind of piece will never be seen as formal, in fact, not even close! However, if the idea is to assemble a casual look, add to it a tie, super skinny jeans and jeans with wash very clear, and the service is done.

The Look Right Blazer, Knitted Tie Skinny

Why does it work?

The blazer with footprint casual is always a good option, especially in this version knit mix grey, white shirt, neutral is a good bet for anyone who wants to take this combo to work, the necktie super skinny (note that very very thin) in grey and black maintains the neutrality of the look and the jeans, of course with heavy wash just comes to show how stripped down can be the result. The footwear, a boot, and the black belt of leather are the only items a little more well-behaved, even so are far from any piece of this type with the use of formal.The result is a cohesive and stripped, a visual that serves to work in a liberal environment, a stroll in the mall or even a meeting in the daytime.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the blazer for a more traditional, or the tie for a more broad and serious.


Leave the look more relax, and by changing the shirt and tie for a white t-shirt with or without print. For an evening walk or dinner with friends, opt for a denim darker.

In short:

  • – Blazer mesh is the ultimate in tailoring informal (laughter);
  • – For this type of look the thinner the tie, the more relaxed;
  • – Jeans of course with a heavy wash has to be restricted to the visual casual;
  • – Neutral colors do not increase or decrease the sobriety of the costume;
  • – Replace the parts in darker shades for an evening program.