The Garters as Look of Street Are The New Trend Sexy Seductive or Bad Taste?

It seems that not enough show bra or place strategic transparencies on the clothes: the next step in trend sexy issues, are the garters to view. It is not enough to bring them under evening dresses but that they become part of the wardrobe for street. A trend the less daring. Very daring. And quite impractical from my point of view.

Many designers are big fans of this garment as ornament, including Dolce & Gabbana or John Galliano, but rather than be very theatrical at gateway and be a good option in a special evening, don’t see you too much out. As much as Taylor Momsen want to make a pledge of cutting grunge.

Paulina Rubio It is them that puts them on stage, and would stick him to also take them out of it…

What do you think? Is it a viable lustful trend out to the street or an impossible rarity?