The First Bra For Our Daughter

How To Choose The First Bra?

Adolescence is a stage full of new things and many firsts, however, that the moment most important brand is without a doubt the first menstruation.

This instructs every mother that her young daughter has ceased to be a girl, and has become a whole woman. This begins a series of changes in the body of the girl, including the growth of breasts. It is this moment that touches go out and buy the first bra for our daughter, but How to choose the right bra?

Fortunately there is a wide variety of fasteners for girls and teenagers, in such a way that your daughter can choose one that feels most comfortable. Then you put a list of what you will find on your first trip with your daughter to buy underwear.

Cotton Bralette

It is the model chosen by girls in the majority of cases. They are often made in cotton stretch and brings a number of features that make many girls first bra it: comfort and modesty. It provides attachment and also hides the breasts that are beginning to make transparent under clothing.

Cotton Camisole

It is also used as one of the first options. Most of the girls use it transition when they are not yet ready to wear a bra, but the need for it arises in your environment. These camisoles are made in elastic cotton and provide great comfort.

Underwire Bras

This type of BRA can have their cons at such an early age. However Yes Gets a good shape to the bust and gives support and fastening requiring those girls who have had more premature development. It is very important that you choose the right bra size so that it becomes a discomfort for the girl.

Sports Bra

It is undoubtedly one of the Favorites when it comes to choosing the first bra. The need for restraint when it comes to sport, leads to many girls to use this type of support. In addition to providing strength, support and comfort for very active girls, they are extremely easy to remove and replace and adapt perfectly to all types of breasts.

As you can see there is a wide variety of children’s bras in OpelikaFashion so your daughter can choose which best fits their age and development of your body. Now it only plays the last step!