The Fashion of the Future is Vintage

The fashion of the future is the vintage? I’m not very safe but Paris now they give it right for sure, think flying auction used clothes and designer as if they were works of art such as Caravaggio! Vintage fashion is a safe investment, according to some, old stuff for others… Obviously for copyright vintage clothing means that somehow made ​​history not to be confused with absolutely those found in flea markets for a few Euros.

The vintage bags ( are now more than accustomed, wonderful creations that have worn other people and we can now show off us, however, is also a bag that is not like a suit, the latter is perhaps more personal. “A ‘2:55’ Chanel or ‘Birkin’ Hermès are safer today than many shares sold on the financial markets,”say the experts, and how he’s wrong! But how do you recognize a vintage garment which is a great investment? It takes time and patience above all, to see if a dress will be among the most desired in time, they must spend many moons, even 15-20 years to see if it actually worth the stratospheric figures in which it is sold.

The vintage clothing on which you can play it safe are the ones worn by the star, for example, a wedding dress worn by Audrey Hepburn, or the dress in which Marilyn Monroe sang ‘happy birthday’ to President Kennedy (sold for 1,270,000 €) and also the 653 pieces of Chanel haute couture created limited edition, or exclusively, and worn by movie stars and celebrities beaten all ‘ auction just a while ago, sold at a price that exceeded 4 times the expectations. Karl Lagerfeld instead has a unique theory: “I could never wear a vintage piece, on the other hand you know, in there, there might be someone died.” what do you think?