The Different States of a Fashionista at Time of Sale

With the arrival of the Christmas There is an event that many expect it for months: the time of sale. The season of Autumn-winter 50% discount so can make us all what we do not need for much less. But let us lists what we need and what not, to get home give us he tells that we are weak and we could not resist the temptation to buy according to what bargains. Today we show you the different States of a fashionista in the Middle time of sale.

You find a garment at a very low price

It is possible that you don’t need it but what discount! It is an opportunity that I must not miss. Yes, that thought we had all and arrive the first day of sales and find a garment to more than 60% discount is a rush of adrenaline as few.

When you expect them to look a size availability

You have months esparando buy those boots there, but you do not get to its actual price. That’s the first day of sales you are early at the gate waiting for it to open the shop and suddenly, badaboom! All numbers less are yours. As hope is the last thing you lose you run the 100 meter dash to storm to an already stressed clerk so you look if there is availability… Those moments are crucial.

When finally found

You’ve been lucky, stayed a couple in store and they are the only ones remaining. Jackpot! Don’t believe or you the luck you have, and it is possible that after this purchase, you are going to buy a ticket ONCE…

When you get home and everything looks good on you

They stress you tails, the crowd and having to wait, that’s you take everything that you want and you enter through the eyes knowing that hours more afternoon return to the store to return. But to get home the planets have aligned themselves to your favor and everything you ssienta wonderfully well. That is to have good eye and other nonsense.

When is the Zara’s turn empty

You have some free time between meetings and decide to enter a Zara… You suddenly realize the tranquility that is repsira and that you have the entire section of discounts for single ti. It is not a dream! So take it easy and examines each of the racks to find that treasure you are looking for.

When you find what you were looking for

You only want one thing, you have booked for a long time and do not want to waste time trying you things you don’t need. You are going to throw made knowing that perhaps you stay with empty hands. But when you’re on the verge of throwing in the towel a clerk comes with a donkey’s clothing and hangs in front of your nose that you wished. VICTORIA!

Entering the zone of new collection

Warning red, red alert. You see a jacket that you had not controlled and fall in love completely. You are looking for your discounted price but you don’t see the sticker with the modified price that we like… Alarmed you look around and you see everything tidy. Danger! You are in the area of the new collection and it is best to move quickly.