The Death of The Skinny Has Arrived (Although Me Plank)

Although it hurts, the demise of the skinny now. It is true that we still see any proposal, especially on denim, but the less, and I am the first one that I am not going to renounce them. But the the palazzo, bib pants or simply the classic forceps, will have strengthened with great force this season invading our outfits.


By now we all know that seventies fashion is the most advanced of the autumn. And its best example we see in the Bell-Bottoms, icons of this trend, which have become the Kings of the street.

Find more variety of models is of fabric denim, a garment which has fascinated the hippies and which also became a part of feminine wardrobe. It is time to rescue her. There are different designs, waist high or low and exaggerated campaigns and other more discrete.

  • Uterqüe black pants 69,00 EUR
  • PdH jeans 79,90 EUR
  • Missguided pants for Asos 41,99 EUR

Pants shorts

The bib shorts they survive the summer. Halfway between the palazzo and the capri, wide, high, and cut below the knee shot or almost reaching to the ankle, these pants are going to remain part of the shops for the autumn-winter season. Models a minimalist air begging to be worn discreetly. Are you going to go?

  • White shorts by Carolina Herrera
  • Navy Blue cropped of Indi & Cold 99,00 EUR
  • Pants black handle midi 29.99 euros

Palazzo pants

The pants maxi they are a perfect allies for looks seventies. Waist high, airy cutting and wide leg, so much that sometimes look like a skirt. These characteristics define the palazzo pants. Smooth models are perfect for sober outfits, but in autumn that dominate are prints eye-catching, ideal to achieve a seventies look.

  • Maxi black trousers of Trucco 49.99 EUR
  • White Rock N Rom Palazzo 124,90 EUR
  • Zara polka dot palazzo pants 39.95 EUR

Male pants

The masculine-cut trousers and with front calipers are a classic. To my they are boring to me, but it is the perfect garment to wear a tomboy, combined with a shirt look and an oversize American.

  • Blue design of Comptoir des cotonniers 145.00 EUR
  • Black trousers Comptoir des cotonniers 145.00 EUR
  • Black trousers of pains promise 149,90 EUR