The Day That Leggings Jeans Beat

The jeans are not the type of best-selling Internet pants, Leggings are now down garment more we buy online. You can blame the sport fashion, that every time we like to go more comfortable or that it girls who most inspire us, as Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner they wear them all the time, but the truth is that shopping for Leggings have increased 41 percent over the past year, according to the United States purchases. We both like the Leggings?

It always seems that we just get out of the gym with them, and that is the effect we are looking for thanks to this sports fever that we suffer. You buy Leggings to run, to go to the gym, but also to take to the streets. Never again are already synonymous with clothes to be at home. And it shows in the finishes and the much more daring designs and quality that some years ago.

In stores you can find all kinds of Leggings, from the sportier versions deluxe for partying or going to work. Life spent in Leggings?

  • Pants wool in black, Mango, fuseau for 49.99 euros. Again the Stirrup Leggings.
  • Legging metallic dark silver color of Zara, 17,95 EUR.
  • H & M, sports mesh for 19.99 euros.