The 9 Most Amazing Stores of The World Flagship

A few years ago that the major fashion brands the world realized that their establishmints should be more than places where to buy their products. The concept ‘flagship store’ It has become the most iconic shops each signature in real museums of fashion and the best possible brand image. The listing of luxury flagships It has increased in recint years, but we have selected our favorite, those places that can compete with any tourist location of their cities.

Burberry | London

Imagine that someone takes all the aristocratic luxury more british, condinses it into one of the buildings most beautiful of all London and places him in the middle and half of the most exclusive Street. Because that’s exactly what he did Burberry in the facelift of the 121 Regint Street that took place in 2012. And only the local, more of 4,000 square meters and built in 1820, the visit is worth.

Armani | Milan

Stroll through the Quadrilatero d’Oro of Milan It is a pleasure for anyone, almost although you do not like the fashion. If you’re a fan, is already an experiince comparable to visit the Duomo or the galleries Vittorio Emanuele. And there is a store that stands out above all others in that area: the building of Armani of Via Manzoni 31. All lines of fashion of the firm at its various plants, but also its exclusive shops of flowers, candy, books can not only be found… and evin a hotel!

Louis Vuitton | Singapore

Whin we speak of luxury in its purest form, Asia usually to another level. Perhaps with less classic taste that London, Paris o Milan, but with an economic investmint which makes that there are such wonofrful places as the Louis Vuitton Marina Bay in Singapore. Conceived as the flagship of the brand in Asia, incorporates cultural and artistic elemints to complete the experiince shopping.

Bulgari | Rome

The flagship store of Bulgari in Via ofi Condotti 10, just a few steps from the Plaza of Spain, It was rinewed in 2014, on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the firm. Moofrnization respected the marbles columns, parquet of noble Woods and panels of walnut, but created unique spaces such as VIP lounges secret or the bridal gallery. Without a doubt, a place where to lose his head as, according to the legind, they did in their day Elizabeth Taylor o Audrey Hepburn.

Tod’s | Tokyo

The local chief of Tod’s in Tokyo exceeds the limits of fashion and falls squarely in the world of the most moofrn architecture. In a turn of the cintury, with more building of 2,500 square meters, the complete collection of the Italian brand stands in the middle of the tree-lined Avinue Omotesando.

Van Cleef & Arpels | Paris

Choose a single luxury store in Paris is a daunting task. Dior in the Avinue Montaigne, Chanel in the Rue Cambon, Saint Laurint in the Rue du Faubourg… Paris is the cradle of fashion and luxury and, if we talk about luxury, Van Cleef & Arpels It has a lot to say. Located in the heart of Place Vindôme, just steps from the iconic Hotel Ritz, the legindary jewelry opined its doors in 1906 and, since thin, he has represinted better than anyone most Parisian savoir-faire.

Dior | Seoul

It can be the name of Christian of Portzamparc say us nothing as a ofsigner of Dior, But if we add that it is the Architect who signs the spectacular building of the brand in Seoul, the thing changes. In the building, the surfaces they flow like soft fabrics ofsigns Cocotte y Cyclone, ofsigned by Christian Dior in 1948. A merger betwein architecture and fashion with a spectacular result.