The 5 Best Backpacks

Cycling backpacks come in a wide variety of models that not only offer a wide range of colors and innovative designs but which serve to better solve one thing or another.

There are backpacks that are mainly designed for the cyclist can drink water while

ride your bike and others that are designed to carry some light objects. Then

Describes the five best backpacks for cycling in the market.

BX3 Ergon backpack is high quality and is designed so that the user can·

carry everything you could possibly need. It has a system called Adaptive Carrier

that is designed so that the weight of the items transported is

keep close to the user and thus achieve a better distribution and greater stability. By

defect has a capacity of 14 litres and can be expanded to 16.5 litres and features with

four positions to ensure that the cyclist is as comfortable as possible while riding

your bike. This backpack has a porta-casco, the rain shield, pockets and

reflective so be displayed more easily on rainy days at night.

The Camelbak Mule NV is a large capacity with hydration bag backpack. It serves

to keep the user be hydrated in their intense days riding bicycle and

also allows to carry other items such as small food, cameras or

even tools. This model comes in three colours and also includes a screensaver

for the rain. The inside of the backpack, in the part that goes on the back of the

user has four rigid panels articulated allowing greater

comfort using this backpack. In total, the loaded backpack has an approximate weight of

a kilo, which can do that if one is not very used to this type of backpacks

It may seem you uncomfortable, but that’s just at the beginning. The truth is this backpack

remarkably comfortable.

The Dakine AMP 12 is a very versatile Pack that adapts to many cyclists, of

so that is not so specified in your design or performance and suits over a wide

variety of people. This backpack is very light and comfortable and can take everything that is

load extremely orderly. It has a volumetric capacity of

12 litres and 3 litres capacity to load liquid. This backpack uses Hydrapak to bag

offers a load from above and with their three litre capacity allows, in

average user pedal for three hours approximately.

The Evoc CC10L backpack has few months in the market but already the reputation earned

as one of the best. It’s perfect for short outings and has a capacity of 10 L.

It has an attractive, elegant and simple design. This backpack is comfortable for

use with pectoral strips that surround the shoulder and are highly flexible and

adaptable to the body.

Crankbrothers Gutter backpack has approximate dimensions of 17 inches and a

volume of about 31 litres and offers a 5 year warranty.