Take Advantage Of Black Friday

Discounts on discounts! Now you can benefit from more than a 50% discount on the products of our website! The prices already lowered are experiencing a great decline. It’s time to make those outstanding purchases!

It was born in the United States to motivate the pre-Christmas sales and in Spain we have long been importing it, but the discounts that now lead the online stores had never been seen. In sunglassestracker.com there are always very competitive prices, the lowest in the market if we talk about sunglasses, glasses and original contact lenses !. However, during this campaign we decided to lower the rebate so you do not hesitate!

December 25th is just around the corner; The products are expensive, the stock goes down, the customer service is usually slower and the nerves increase because we do not find what we want or take longer. That is why our website has advanced the Black Friday campaign. We extended it all week!You can enjoy an extra discount from this Monday 21 to Monday 28. That day is the Cybermonday and we were not going to let you stay without discounts, so, remember: Between Monday 21 and Monday 28 inclusive, the web Will provide an extra discount on the discounts we normally have.

In addition, when we send you the order, you will get an extra discount code with no expiration date to use in a second purchase when you want. Check your email and you will find it!

In the Black Friday sunglasses you will have the ones that you like, but do not forget that there is also a remarkable reduction in the graduated and in contact lenses.

If you compare, you will see that there are differences of up to 50% with respect to other optics. From home, from your work, without needing to move and with a simple record. Finally you can wait for your glasses, your contacts or your graduates to arrive without spending too much. In addition, we do not charge shipping costs! We do not care if you are from Ibiza, Santiago or Cadiz, we will send you your package at no extra cost.

In 24 or 48 hours your gafa will arrive at your address and, if by chance we finish finishing the stock of that spectacle, in five working days you would have it in your domicile. We work every day to make the service fast and effective.