Swimsuits for Every Body Type

The Perfect Swimwear For More Confident On The Beach

What do common size 36 and 46? Both can wear the trendy bikinis and swimsuits – provided a few tricks are respected. We show how you put your figure type in scene with Ruffles, styles or colors.

Swimsuits & bikinis for female curves

Color and cut play the most important role in your Figure type. Pay attention to dark tones or colorful patterns and wide panties, hide the Hüftpölsterchen.Also the bosom should be packed well – preformed cups and wide support provide the necessary support. Swimsuits and bikinis with Ruffles or smok front fascia cover reinforcements form the belly and narrow waist.

Do: A swimsuit with deep V neckline and ruffles on the belly is perfect. A panty covered hips and belly with a high waist, a full Cup bra supports the breasts.Don t: Cut to tight panties, swimwear in white applies in addition. Also the classic swimsuit without reinforcement or ruffles would rather forgo.

Swimsuits & bikinis for the androgynous type

Do you have a sports figure ? You must have really thick at the swimwear ! Push up bikinis, preformed cups, frills and colorful patterns conjure up visually more fullness. And what panties? It depends on the model. Monotonous bikini pants with straight leg work rather tomboyish, so better choose colorful round leg and decor such as frills and ruffles. In the swimsuit make sure that the chest area is highlighted by a seam under the bosom and padded cups. Playful details such as embroidery highlight your femininity.

Do: Shaped tops push with padded cups, deposits raise the bosom. Ruffles on the panties and a higher leg magic feminine curves. Don’t: Tops, which press the breasts flat like bikinis with a wide bandeau top and without built-in Bra. About bandeau swimsuit: http://www.bombebikini.com/2017/01/19/how-do-bandeau-swimsuits-fit/.

Swimsuits & bikinis for women with large breasts

Great curves should be packed great! A wider bridge, too narrow winners and incorporated ironing support a larger basket. Do not too much decor such as ruffles, which takes up unnecessarily. The perfect shopping tip for you: buy separately, top and bottom. In the meantime, many manufacturers offer so-called mix & match models. Figure trick: Choose the BRA in a darker color than the pants, the bust size is visually reduced. Applies at the top: width of liner and recessed ironing, as well as a stable Underband to observe! Do not the bosom even more highlights such as push-ups and ornaments but anything, what.

Do: Also Halter with ironing and Underband support the bosom. Try sometimes restrained models simple bandeau with incorporated ironing. Stable carrier and full shell are always beneficial. Don t: TRIANGEL- Bikini. Because: Narrow carriers provide little support. Padded models emphasize a luxuriant breasts in addition – it’s fast too much.

Swimsuits & bikinis for the bulbs figure

Little breasts, much butt? Visually align the upper and lower body. A wide, but not too high-cut panties and dark colours reduce the pool. Bold colors and flashy cuts on the chest draw attention to the neckline. Try stockings Tankinis and swimsuits with slight shaping functions,  flatter the hips and waist. Watch out also for a skillful placement of colors to highlight your preferences.

Do: Strong sounds emphasize the bosom, hips laminating dark colors. Wide pants with loose waistband flatter. An hourglass shape model specific patterns and ruffles at the waist and hips. Don t: Bright pastel colors make visually wider. Too bad: Thong panties, which are still bound, better avoid.