Supplies of Retro Jeans!


Fashion brand RETRO JEANS both love. Exactly describes our style is original, playful, colorful, imaginative and yet, cost is still available. Therefore, for your shop Retro Jeans regularly bring our insights:)

The clothing brand Retro Jeans We already wrote on the blog a few times, this time however you want to show that this fashion label suggests too beautiful accessorieshandbags, belts, hats and shoes. And they are just like clothes, really beautiful and worth seeing.

Store RETRO JEANS have since last December finally in Brno, particularly in Olympia. I like to go here regularly purchase from each collection always will carry several models of trick.
Summer collection shines colors that you can buy beautiful dresses, skirts, shirts, shorts and of course, lots of denim pieces, which are “retro” really well. Indeed, that summer collection, we are already presented on the blog –

Today, however, we want to show that in addition to clothes, you can shop in Retro Jeans choose from a wide selection of shoes, handbags, swimwear … In short, you have fully equip the wardrobe – and a shoe rack 🙂

The summer is baseball – and that those there’s a big choice, of course, in bright summer barvičkách. And both ladies and gentlemen.

Us girls are sure to please a variety of handbags in many styles and designs. Choose the model of your dream for every occasion!

The “baggage” here thinking, too, of course, the gentlemen – those here prepared several bags – again in a super design.

And what about shoes! Even those in the shop Retro Jeans large selection. In summer collection missing mainly colored flip flops and sandals tape.

Super sneakers are also – again in neon design barviček that the summer is:

There also buy other types of shoes that perfectly fine-tune your every outfit: