Styling Trick: Shirt In!

Have you ever stopped to think that it is not enough to know what to use, but How to use it can be the difference of a simple look for a perfect look? The styling tricks are amazing to make your outfit far more modern and with a grip fashion, the most famous of them is simply putting the shirt into the waistband. It may seem simple, mainly on looks in which puts the shirt into the pants of tailoring, but have you ever stopped to think that there are numerous ways to use this trick to change completely the man’s look?

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I’ve always been a fan of placing the middle of the shirt into the waistband, but just the tip, leaving the sides and the back of the piece out–it may be silly, but it makes all the difference in the silhouette. This trick can lose weight and stretch if you put one side of the shirt in like in this picture of the yellow sweater. or the white shirt with black jeans. Another way super cool is how the look of the Middle: only one side well into the waistband and the other stripped–looks great right?!

combo that always works is: white shirt with jeans destroyed and high heels. The combination is irreverent, “put the first clothes and left home“, as if don’t give time to exchange the jeans for slacks. If you are more daring, how about a carrot pants with enough volume? In this case, put in your shirt is essential to draw the outline, and finally, with a Basic t-shirt, you look more neat and cool at the time.

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Posted on 31 August 2015

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