Styles of Handbags Fashion

Bags and briefcases in hand are all a must have shown as a few more essential accessories to every passing day. They are the ideal choice when it comes to go to a party, a gala dinner or any type of meeting where you want to go a little more elegant of the conventional. Without a doubt, it is one of the most persecuted supplements currently.

The handbags hypothesize to be accessory that can be used both for day, evening and night. It is the perfect complement to accompany the perfect look. Some of the most prestigious brands such as Armani, Oscar de la Renta, Fendi and Marc Jacobs are the most opted for this option.

Therefore, we wanted to prepare a post where you will discuss the styles that are more succeeding in relation to the handbags, and we will give you the best tips to help you get this it girl you carry inside. It is not as easy as it seems.

Why use a portfolio of hand?

If we focus on the handbags, I must say that they are a complement to if at first seemed to be focused solely to gala parties and most elegant events, the truth is that more and more they can be used in a greater number of situations, thanks to the diversity of designs that offer. You just have to find your ideal model.

They are a really convenient option, which is ideal for those who don’t like that having to carry a bag that is too big, or that are not used to carry many things over. They will help you to look.

They usually tend to have a somewhat small, but increasingly we are largest and most extravagant models. In terms of design, which are most successful are the handbags type on. They can be smooth or with embroidered patterns. Let’s see what are the best options.

Day handbags

You have to differentiate between a portfolio of hand to wear during the day or during the night. The differences are more than appreciable. Normally, the day usually have a size slightly larger than the night.

When choosing a portfolio of hand of day, we recommend that you bets for designs in which dominate geometric ethnic prints and the print. They provide a more fun and casual air, and are perfect for welcoming a new day in the best way. Fringes also allow you to look at the latest.

Evening handbags

When it becomes night, elegance and sophistication acquire a leading role. In fact, in a night look, evening bags show as complement your wardrobe star. The possibilities are many in

It is ideal to invest in a evening bag that is not too large, and who do not call too much attention. The key is mini designs or micro. Remember that the main goal is elegance.
You can choose to carry your wallet hung from the shoulder, with the chains often incorporate inside, or take it caught the hand “claw”type, which is the choice that most like us.