Streetwear Clothing Stores

Streetwear is a topic that stirs strong emotions among many here at Our site. “Teen clothes” is one of the expressions used, and some seem to have the notion that dressy clothes is higher on the scale of stylistic awareness. Then streetwear is something close to my heart I thought I’d try to change the setting, or at least give a little background on how the culture works. One claim the full mission, but I’ll try my best. Hopefully increases the understanding an idea then.

The first myth that needs to be killed is to not have as much thought streetwear behind him as dressy clothes. On the contrary, it is an equal focus on brand and designers as it is in the mainstream fashion world. And just as it may be difficult for the untrained eye to tell the difference between an expensive and a cheap shirt, it can be difficult to perceive the difference between the dozen press H & M and a t shirt from Mishka. But those who are interested, they can see the difference. Just as with well-made dressy clothes.

The stores
Around 20 stores around the world is driving the development by exclusively selling limited editions. Colette in Paris and Hong Kong-based Concept Shop are two of the stores that are frequent. Many of the new releases in the physical stores gives rise to long queues at the true Lord of the rings-style according to

The collaborations
Collaborations between different brands is more the rule than the exception, something that gives rise to fun combinations. Vans and Marc Jacobs is an example that we mentioned earlier. These collaborations is often referred to with an x between the two brands- Nike x Stussy World Tour for example.

Streetwearkulturen currently has an extremely fast pace and a strong product and consumer focus. Blogs like Hypebeast, High Snobiety and Slam x Hype report daily about what new products released in the various stores, but rarely about the general fashion trends so that they often discuss the autumn and spring trends for example. Nevertheless, there are similar themes to find. Pressingthe whole garment with a single pattern, so called, all over print, is such a trend that is clearly visible at the moment.

To list the brands which is hottest right now is an impossibility, but there are some that you should know. Nike (sneakers), New Era (hats) and a NY thing (mostly t-shirts) are some of the names that pop up often. The list can be done exactly how long any time, feel free to add your Favorites in the comments!