Store Bershka

Well, yes, a few days ago was lucky to tread on one of the first stores “Stage” of Bershka, new image that will be offering the firm gradually in its stores around the world. Collections, both man and woman, every day are better and they could not pass up the opportunity of offer the customer a new shopping experience and from my point of view, very successful.

After 17 years, Bershka has 1,010 points of sale in 68 countries with sales that positioned the brand as the second most important group. Is aimed at young people between 13 and 25 years: daring, knowledgeable people of fashion, music, culture and new technologies, constantly connected through social networks.

Fashion, music and young people they are therefore the three pillars of the firm, more than reason enough to have been guided in these three influences to create its new concept stores. “Stage” is the new name that will be taking the Bershka stores and this is not coincidence the backstage of music concerts are the main inspiration in the new decor.

What you’ll find in stores “Stage”?

  • Now the ceilings are much higher due to disappear the false ceilings to expose all the lighting and cooling ducts. This provides a industrial aesthetics very contemporary and breadth which gives to the stores is great.
  • Already you will not find a route marked in stores, you will be able to discover the entire collection freely and much more entertaining.
  • The electronic screens lieu of, largely, the previous posters of paper or plastic and can see now how to feel garments and price (no errors) each of items that exist in the furniture.
  • Testers are located now behind the boxes and a red velvet backdrop that will remind you of the scenes of the best stage of theater.
  • You’ll find all attachments in a specific area, thus making it much easier to find what you want quickly. Not leave you nothing without seeing!
  • Many mannequins with the items in the collection and styles very well combined to thus make you much easier shopping and choice of clothing and care.

All are advantages in these new stores by Bershka, It has seemed to me a success because at last it seems that you are in a store international buying and finding clothes with many design at irresistible prices. Not surprised to find mats aircraft tires recycled or paintings free of volatile organic compounds as the commitment of Inditex the environment is clear.