Stilettos in the Office

The stiletto heels in the office are a bit ‘out of place? Which shoes to choose to go to the office, to stay many hours outside the home, sitting or standing?

A little ‘heel, you know, makes the most elegant bearing, makes it appear the most beautiful legs and helps the blood and lymph circulation in the lower body , as long as our foot rests well on the ground, giving stability to the posture.

The “spikes” are silly to many women, the alternative is the low shoe, or a “real” heel, like a stiletto heel. We see advantages and disadvantages of that choice.

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Heel And Heel, Toe And Toe

If you’re a fan of high heels, you know that wear all day, every day this type of footwear in the long run may prove detrimental to the health of your back, legs, feet.

The slim, high heel makes us unstable, the weight is projected across the forefoot, with the result of favoring the stagnation of liquids and back pain. In addition, if your shoes also have a very thin tip closed, your fingers forced tend to lose mobility.

Try to change often shoe model, high heels yes, but perhaps with a plateau that cushions the contact with the ground, heels a little ‘thicker the true stiletto, for greater stability, shoes with round toe, open and maybe because no, sometimes a man’s shoe or an elegant dancer.

Here’s an example of sandals with stiletto heel and platform

It must be said in defense of high heels that, contrary to what many believe, they are not to cause the bunion: this problem arises for other reasons of postural nature, for the shape of the foot and familial predisposition.

High heels are too showy?

We assume that each of us has the right to wear what they want and the responsibility to fight because this freedom is respected. The fact remains that there are items of clothing and footwear related to the deeply rooted stereotypes, stiletto heels, for example, immediately recall the idea of ​​the femme fatale, the seductress.

Be aware and be careful to build your look, based on the image of you that you want to give.

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The stiletto heels with a simple and a silk shirt pants, can be very elegant and give an air of impeccable professional

As well as designer shoes are a joy to behold perfect combined with a sober clothing, not trivial.

You can also dare with the simplicity of a color

Avoid however the shoes too evening or pinup, go unnoticed in the office is sometimes not so bad …

Beware of falling style …

After so many hours sitting at a desk with his feet locked in a pair of pointed shoes and high-heeled tempted to sfilarsele is very strong. “Just a minute, so no one will do case” think.
Do not do it. First of all because then it will be very hard put his shoes, then why for sure someone will notice and if your office has a formal place for sure you will not make a good impression.
So if you have no strength, avoid wearing high heels in the office.

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Work Out

Do not worry if you’re still of the “black belts” of stiletto heels, but aspired to become.
You can learn from ShoesEspecially how to move well on the high heels and wear them for hours without blinking.