Spring’s Chinos

Now it is time to seriously hang in flanellbyxorna in the wardrobe for the season in favor of spring in options. One of the most versatile byxval for the season are a pair of classic cotton trousers or chinos.

Although a pair of pants in thin wool is incredibly stylish jacket, there are many who feel that these situations will be too formal. For spring, then a pair of trousers in cotton a perfect option which I combine with the dark blue Blazer that brown suede jacket.

What should we think of with a pair of cotton pants?

First and foremost a cotton which we touched on earlier, often a fairly compact fabric. If you want to access the coolness is the qualities of linen and fresco-wool is often better suited but also gives a completely different impression.

What I really like about cotton pants is how nice they can be even if they are not perfectly pressed and slightly wrinkled after one day sitting in the Office. Creases can after a few seconds under the iron again to be razor sharp but sometimes I actually prefer cotton pants (and costumes for that matter) that has become just a little wrinkled.

When to choose the color one should of course be based on their own preferences and what they have in the rest of the closet. I personally believe that there are few shades that strikes Sable» nappa or beige cotton which is a almost as obvious combo to dark blue Blazer that the grey flanellbyxorna in the fall.

If you want to watch some other tones are tones such as chocolate brown, olive green, and perhaps above all-cream incredibly nice in cotton.

If one is to choose the model, one should bear in mind that the cotton trousers worn jacket often do better in a section that is reminiscent of dressy suit pants. A slightly higher waist and clean case the legs kompetterar a classic Blazer clearly better a low cut and very tight models.

We have selected 10 pairs of cotton trousers or chinos for the season in a little different price ranges at fanciestpants.com.