Spring Trends: The Peasant Look

To where we go shopping, as we see in shop windows and the hangers shops that one of the trends that comes with too much force for the season Spring-Summer 2009 the style is folk and flowers. However, not everything is so folk as we believe. There is a twist that parts have in an air very of the countryside.

The peasant look We have it at the Bohemian touch of parts that are basically in both floral and ethnic prints and in some parts in neutral colors such as the white, cream, beige, sand, soft pink and others.

The blouses they come with square necks or boat and even some that reveal the shoulders. The balloon sleeve with the steering wheel on the shore is a basic, as in neck, waist or shoulder cords.

The touch of flowers is tiny, something that reminds the fabrics used by American pioneers on their journey to the West and above all fabrics of the little house on the Prairie. But forget the turtlenecks and straw hats with ribbons of colors, campesino touch is more of a mix between the folk of the Tirol blouses or even several outfits from different parts of Mexico style.

However, parts of this look are not only tops, also the dresses have a leading role. They are a reminder of the style of the mid-west, but above all the first images of Guess with low necklines, but an air of innocence that give small flowers.

The skirts they come with enough flight. We have them with flyers and even multilayered. The touch is in the fabric and the fall.

As whole, this trend fits much the rest of the time, i.e., dressed in boots, with touches jeans, soft colours mixed with intense and mostly style nude that we see in almost all firms.