Sports Bras Effects On Your Chest

Why Is There A Price Difference Between Some Sports Bras And Others?
The main reason is because, although we are aesthetically speaking of sports bras , we are comparing totally different products in all aspects.

Some are designed to do their specific function of moving chest support, the others are designed to aesthetically seduce, be economic and reach the mass. The main differences are found in:

The level of subjection of thesports fasteners of quality is much superior to the one of the sports fasteners that we call “commercial” (with sports aesthetics)

The level of comfort to the portage is also much higher in the sports bras Anita Active because, when holding more, we do not notice the bounces, neither the pain nor the tension…

The durability of the technical sports fasteners is at least 4 times higher because the materials with which they are made have much more consistency and breathability and do not yield easily.

The pieces of which a technical sports bra is made up can quintuple the parts that make up a low cost sports bra ( sometimes they are in one piece). That means that the former gives a much more beautiful shape to the chest, without crushing it and has much more restraint and, therefore, performs its function.

The difficulty in making each other also influences the price.

Harmful substances. Anita Active sports bras pass a quality test (OEKO-TEX) which certifies that they do not contain harmful substances in their composition. The brackets and regulators are nickel-free to prevent skin allergies.

How Do You Know You’re Choosing Well

The biggest guarantee in choosing the best sports bra for you is the expert advice of a bra-fitter. The bra-fitter is a specialist in corsetry with two important functions:

  1. Advise the best model according to the morphology of each woman and the activity you intend to perform with the bra
  2. Calculate exactly the size and cup of each woman so that the fastener fits perfectly to your body and can perform its clamping function in an excellent way.

To check that you have chosen your sports bra , check the following with the bra:

  1. He jumps as if you were running to see if your chest moves a lot and it bothers you.
  2. See that your chest is well gathered inside the bra.Pay attention to the sides.
  3. Check that the bra does not go up your back and that the straps do not bother you.
The Proof

In this video of Anita Activate yourself you can see the difference in the chest between an Anita Active maximum sports bra and a standard sports bra that you can find on the big surfaces. While in the first the chest remains practically still, in the soft sports bra the chest moves a lot up and down. As we have already explained, the continuous rebounds of the chest when running or jumping are, apart from annoying to you and aesthetically unflattering, detrimental to the firmness of your chest.

Watch Our Sports Bras In Action

To say goodbye, we leave you with the latest video of Anita Active where you can see our sports bras in action. We hope you like!