Skirt, Sensual And Feminine

Long, short, tight or loose, this garment has been in charge of drawing in a sensual way the female figure. But throughout history, the skirt has also been used by men.

Nowadays, in Scotland, knightly parades are still seen in skirts.

In the 1920s , the skirt stopped crawling on the floor and began to shorten and fit the woman’sbody to show its silhouette .

It was the 60s and London became the focus of fashion attention around the world. The designer Mary Quant caused a furor with the presentation of the miniskirt, a skirt that showed the long female legs. Despite being criticized by much of the society, most of the womendared with the miniskirt. Thus, this garment became a symbol of freedom and sexuality.

The design of the skirt has been changing with the passage of time. At first, they were narrowand placed below the breasts. Then, they began to lower themselves to the waist and werebecoming wider to give volume to the woman’s body.

Nowadays, skirts are still very fashionable. Long or miniskirts, stamped or smooth, are one of the clothes most wanted by the woman.