Skinny Jeans Recommendation

Which character type are skinny jeans?

The skinny jeans are characterized by a tight fitting cut, so that it rests on the hip to the ankle skintight. Slender, tall women with thin legs are these jeans cut very well. Women who are small but have slim legs, these can bring in a skinny jeans prima advantage and on top of that to gain a couple of centimeters. With strong women, the figure is characterized in this model significantly. However, the tight trousers emphasize not only any excess fat, but the other way around also missing curves, whereby an androgynous figure may even less surprisingly feminine.

Skinny Jeans Recommendation

Should strong women generally do not wear skinny jeans?

It is important that you feel comfortable in your jeans well. Nevertheless, women should choose with very strong legs another Jean cut because of the skinny jeans is every gram, which is too much emphasized. There are skinny jeans but in differently cut models, so that the trying worthwhile. But if it has a little tummy, thin legs, selects, for example a high-waist model. With a strong Po small bags are low, the optically shrink. Strong legs look in dark denim or black jeans look best.


How do I combine skinny jeans?

When things get tight bottom, it may be up next. According to the bestaah, skinny jeans fit an airy tunic or a loose T-shirt in the summer, a XXL sweater or a long cardigan in winter. A blazer or blouse provides an elegant appearance, with a leather or denim jacket to style the casual look. For a pair of skinny jeans you’re never too old, skilful combination is what matters.


Which shoes fit skinny jeans?

With the right shoes, you can vary your style very easily. Heels to the skinny jeans are the ultimate eye-catcher. The pants should it reach at least to the pumps or even be slightly longer. Feminine, but a little every-day act Ballerinas to skinny jeans. A casual look in spring and autumn lend ankle boots or cowboy boots. In summer, however, you are well soled leather sandals. Sporty is the outfit if you wear sneakers to the skinny jeans. Incidentally disappear skinny jeans even in tight boots and Overknees.

Skinny Jeans Recommendation

Are there skinny jeans in larger sizes?

In see skinny jeans to jeans size 36 and size 58. Normal Also under different leg lengths, you can choose. Buy the skinny jeans quiet little tighter, as they still widen slightly.


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Names, fabrics and cuts: Skinny, Slim, Fit, Skinny Jeans, tube, denim, fabric, cotton, stretch, Boyfriend, High Waist, Low Waist, Straight, washing, 5 pocket, used look

Serve with: shoes, belts, jackets, high heels, T-Shirts, Accessories, Bags, Sweater.

Skinny Jeans Recommendation

Skinny Jeans: confidently in feminine style

Whether everyday or leisure, office compatible outfit or stressed casual look: skinny jeans show versatility in design. In winter range on you can find a great selection of Melrose and feminine pants in several sizes and colors to match the most diverse occasions.