Since Its Inception History Evolution of the Parades of Fashion

The presentation of the first collections of fashion started in Parisian salons at the end of the 19th century, back by 1858. Charles Frederick Worth -a French of British origin who is considered the father of haute couture – began to teach to its distinguished clientele a choice of patterns of their new creations which he called “collection”. It was also the first to introduce their creations on mannequins in the flesh.

Worth contributed to the birth of the creation of the Chambre Syndicale for the clothing and sewing of ladies and girls. This professional association founded in 1868 He was born with the aim of contributing to develop the fashion industry in France. It still monitors the use of the label Haute Couture that only its members can use. This organization also indicates the number of looks that have been presented during the fashion shows.

The term Haute Couture is a nickname legal protected that meets the following criteria: work has to be done by hand in a workshop where the fabrics fluid for shirt or evening dresses is working, and then also has to be another workshop for structured suits are made where the pants, skirts and jackets.

All garments have to be unique y made to measure. In the parade of each collection should arise, a minimum, twenty-five looks (instead of the 1950s, as it came to be common until a few years ago); the designer should have a godfather. I.e., as it is the case with the toreros need that other designer of consolidated prestige and career, you alternative. Finally, it is imperative that firm participates, as a minimum, at least in two parades a year.

Must be paraded before being admitted, for two years as invited Member by a designer of Haute Couture. Foreign designers, who are known as “correspondents” can be invited to parade.

Although the price of the models may seem extremely high, not so much if take into account that for the realization of one of these items, for example a wedding gown embroidery, approximately a are required thousand three hundred hours of work, and seven hundred hours to give life to a layer of feathers.

However, oddly enough, it is not through the Haute Couture collections with which large firms create their wealth. The turnover of the Haute Couture represents only a 1% of your benefits. They exist because they position and improve the brand image of the firm.

At the beginning, these fashion presentations reserved for wealthy customers were used to celebrate in private residences or in the salons of the Maisons of couture. Were slowly gaining as regards the put in scene is concerned with decorated more care, and with the introduction of a pleasant music background in order to become a experience and in an entire Prom fashion.

The second world war and the occupation of France by the nazis cut root all these manifestations. However, in New York and the instigation of Eleenor Lambert melts the Press Week in 1943 whose purpose was to promote American fashion design. An event that could only attend the specialized press. During its first edition could access only 53 fashion editors, currently there are more than 150 guests who travel there for the occasion.

The success of the New York Press Week encourages Italian Aristocrat Giovanni Battista Giorgina who in 1952 organizes a series of presentations of fashion of Italian brands in the Pitti Palace of Florence.

In 1957, the parades in Florence reached such a success that the city doesn’t have enough capacity to be able to welcome a whole mass of people travelling to attend the same. For this reason, the event is transferred to Milan.

In 1961 the first presentation of fashion takes place in London to make known the avant-garde movement mod. He had to wait until the year 1973 so was officially created the In Versailles Paris fashion week. To raise funds for the restoration of the Castle, five major French brands from the likes of Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Oscar of the Renta organized in November of that year a parade.

1975 It is the year of the official creation of the Settimana Della Moda in Milan with the support of the Chamber of the fashionable Italian national who was established the first official calendar.

In 1984 begin the parades in London. Which reminds to the London Fashion Week as we know it today began in a parking lot located in the West of London. With the support of the English edition of the Vogue magazine, the British Government accepted the patronage of this wind that put in scene young designers such as John Galliano and Betty Jackson.

In 1993, American fashion designers Council announces the centralization of its parades in the Bryant Park of New York. Until that date, had taken place in boutiques or in the workshops of the designers, but the collapse of a roof during a parade by Michael Kors precipitated this decision.

In 1994 the Paris fashion week begins to be held in the Carrousel du Louvre. With this announcement, the Union Chamber of Couture aims to simplify the parades. In 2007 held over 40 Fashion Weeks around the world. In the 2010 the fashion week in Paris leaves the Carrousel du Louvre, y the New York is installed in the Lincoln Centerr. the reason for these changes is that these locations had been small, and also because the scenery when presenting a parade is key and in these spaces were very limited.

Today, we can say that they held more than 140 Fashion Weeks around the world where long lasting show the major brands of the world of fashion and luxury try to move to a third dimension. Always superbly well orchestrated and reserving more than one surprise, the parades at the present time have become in authentic entertainment, with productions that contribute to transmit the spirit of brands.

Some, such as Chanel, they rented the facilities of the Grand Palais of Paris so your decorators and stylists to reinterpret sets that reproduced with detail supermarkets, brasseries, casinos, or airport terminals. Dior, on the other hand, is still committed to the claim of the Louvre, but instead of parading in the Carrousel, prefer to mount spectacular facilities -with all the effort that both in relation with the realization and the fortune that they wear out-, on the main square in front of the Museum there. Proof of this is the spectacular mound of flowers mauve that we saw during what would be the last parade of Raf Simons.

What does tend to make more and more brands is to present their collections cruises in countries that have inspired the collection in question as the recent Paris Chanel Metiers d’art collection in Rome, that of Paris in Dallas last year, or the previous years in Bombay, Edinburgh, Dallas, or Salzburg in Austria.

We have tried to move magazines to the birth and evolution of fashion shows. In a next post I will speak of the most spectacular parades, those recorded indelibly in the memory and in the hearts of all the fashionistas.