Second Hand Designer Fashion – Portals In The Comparison

It rages a battle for our used designer fashion-a new wave of “Preloved Fashion” steamrolled the E-Commerce!

The trend that impressed even the German online shoppers for quite some time is called preloved fashion.Numerous new platforms have formed it, providing only Second-Hand fashion to Exchange or purchase. The demand to be great and the dreams of Start-Up founders and investors seems coming from America great.Already, many of the newly founded dress exchanges lead several thousand articles.

Depending on the provider, fashion as a commodity is bought and sold by the Abieter or individually offered as in the Amazon Marketplace or eBay from any. Many of the new platforms have also a special Concierge service, where you can simply send his clothes and they then photographed, set against a slightly higher sales Commission by the operators of the platform and sent. In addition, the providers in the range differ. Some specialize in used designer fashion, others include all brands in their product range. There are shops that take care of MOM’s concerns – there’s a platform only for womens clothing – kid “Window-shopping” compliant mainly maternity wear, children’s clothing and baby clothes – also?

Buddy & Jenn: a purchasing platform for brand names and designer fashions from the second field. The sale takes place to the body via eBay.

Common vintage: Exchange as buy here. Common vintage has adopted the “misery” of women. The slogan: “no more nothing to wear!” The main focus is on barter deals, Einelstücke can be sold as well.

Kid box: Exchange fair for second hand fashion from the Department of children’s clothing. Although it is known that just baby clothes “in real life” is exchanged and sold, if kid carton probably initially a niche project.

Kinderado: Children’s fashion in the package is offered on this portal to swap or sell. The packages are clearly laid out, the platform user friendly. Kinderado was formerly Tauschteddy.

Kirondo: committed to the second hand children’s clothing. Order shipping bag, fill it and return – all for free.

Dress basket: Here everything of clothing and accessories and is preloved fashion can be offered, sold or given away. Even underwear and swimwear are on offer. The dress basket has its seat in Würrzburg.

Dress top: Dress gyro is a pioneer in this segment and has already established itself on the German market. The offshoot of the Lithuania-born shop is committed to the social shopping. There’s no money for the Second-Hand goods from all areas, but again, clothes, accessories, etc. It is changed, what keeps this stuff. The dress centrifugal makes 940,000 users now “happy”.

Girl flea market: Preloved dresses, jackets, pants, shirts, shoes, sweaters, jackets. On the platform of girl flea market, girls can buy and mainly sell to your hearts content. The project is supported by “edellight”, a shopping community. The girl flea market also has a very active forum and maintains good relations with many bloggers, their closets then there can give you.

MaternityetchicThis branch specializes in used maternity clothing, including maternity swimwear, maternity top, maternity pants, etc.

Mylittlebigswap: Representatives of “common use”. Parents can share everything here, what has become the offspring too small or no longer like. Mylittlebigswap also works for books and toys.

pollywoggie: Here is not exchanged, special, and sold. Again everything which doesn’t fit the children or like. The article is free of charge. Even children’s furniture can be offered for sale here.

preloved: a Swiss stock exchange, which is supported by the well-known investor Peter Schüpbach is preloved. Trendy preloved fashion, which keeps nothing in the own wardrobe, is available here.

Secondglam: Secondglam sector of the virtual second hand-operated the luxury area. Used clothing by, for example, Harald Glööckner, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana can be found here.

Our site : The shop name is probably unique. Even with Textile buying larger quantities are, purchased similar in Momox, easily. It is operated by Zentek, a disposal company. Why should you not also take money in addition?

ubup: ubup the fashionable offshoot from the House is momox. You know Momox as a purchasing platform for CDs, DVDs and games. According to ubup home page already has more than 30,000 items the platform.

Our wardrobe: This preloved fashion market has an own currency. It is not sold, but only replaced. And clothing. For the even sent article, there are buttons, which then give another piece of clothing may be exchanged.

Vintage kids: Also children’s clothing and baby clothing revolves around. The clothing is sent to the provider and then photographed by Vintage Kids and offered on the platform.

VITE EnVogue: 1st class shopping experience for 2nd hand designer fashion” promises this portal. Clothing worn selected designers will be offered. Welcome to the Club! VITE EnVogue comes from the creators of the Exchange buddy & Selly.

xanaroo: An acquisition channel that sic exclusively seeking ladies shoes. Resell via eBay. The purchase price is determined based on the item description.

The preloved booming sector in America. The time must show whether this trend also in Germany as a gold mine for the individual will reveal. Even if the offer is immense in this country now, the exchanges between them does not necessarily undermine himself. The niches are filled, on the other hand, there are platforms that offer preloved fashion exclusively to the Exchange, while on others “rolls of rubles”. We are curious to see how the market will evolve! Certainly, there will be still the one or other acquisition, because there are currently too many vendors in the market.