Seasonal Color Palettes for Clothing

Confused? We explain: one of the most effective ways to discover the colors that you are killing is to analyze the natural tones of your hair, skin and eyes. Done it find out what season fit and here they are – the right colors to what you should wear to the ends of the hair to the tips of the feet!


The tezes invernosas are characterized by shades of blue or pink, revealing a pale skin, yellow or olive to dark. As a general rule, women winter are Brunettes, with dark eyes, including many African and Asian girls. So that no woman is excluded, the winter is divided into 3 sub-categories:

Deep Winter
Eyes: Black, Black-Brown, dark Hazel
Hair: Black-Brown, medium brown, light grey metallic, “salt and pepper”
Skin: Black, mulatto, beige, oliva (no shades of pink or Peach color)
The best colors: black, charcoal, Black-Brown, Red-Brown, grey, gray, pink, bright red, rust, eggplant, lemon yellow, mint green, light green, emerald green, olive green, teal, purple, dark violet, blue, Navy Blue, azul-cadete.

Translucent Winter
Eyes: Blue, blue-gray, emerald green
Hair: Black, medium brown, dark brown
Skin: Black, mulatto, light beige/neutral, pale olive, milk-white
The best colors: medium grey, light grey, grey, charcoal, black, blue, lavender, lavender, rose, red, raspberry, Aubergine, yellow, golden yellow, turquoise, Emerald-turquoise, dark purple, Royal Blue, Navy Blue.

Fresh Winter
Eyes: Charcoal-gray, blue, blue-gray
Hair: Black-blue, grey, “salt and pepper” (without red nuances)
Skin: Pink-beige, beige neutral
The best colors: light grey, medium grey, dark grey, black, charcoal, pink, deep pink, pink, pink, purple, and scarlet thread, red, lemon yellow, Emerald, turquoise, dark turquoise, blue, purple, dark purple, dark purple, Royal Blue, Navy Blue.


The spring tezes do not hide their golden hues and these skins are mostly color peach or a creamy white. As a rule, women Spring have red hair or straw color, freckles, cheeks pink, green or blue eyes. Discover your Spring:

Spring Light
Eyes: Blue, green, Hazel, light
Hair: Golden blonde (since of course until medium), golden brown (since of course to medium)
Skin: Ivory (with peach tones)
The best colors: camel, Khaki, light gray, medium gray, azul-carvão, light pink, baby pink, salmon of course, coral, red-watermelon, Fuchsia, red, cream, golden yellow alive, bright green, moss-green, blue-green, baby blue, blue, purple, clear, violet, dark violet.

Spring Translucent
Eyes: Blue-turquoise, green, Topaz
Hair: Golden brown (medium to dark), Black-Brown (possibly with red nuances)
Skin: Bronze, Brown, brownish-black hot, of course, ivory or porcelain peach
The best colors: Navy Blue, grey, light grey, charcoal, black, turquoise, yellow, burnt yellow, green, mint green, dark green, dark turquoise, sky blue, blue, purple, purple-gray, peach, salmon, red, light pink, shocking pink.

Hot Spring
Eyes: Topaz, olive green, Hazel, blue light
Hair: Golden Brown of course, copper red, reddish blonde, dark Golden blonde
Skin: Bronze, Golden beige, ivory or porcelain (possibly with freckles)
The best colors: camel, bronze, golden brown, dark brown, dark gray, green-gray, peach, Orange, coral, tomato red, rust, feldspar, green, light green, dark green, moss-green, Emerald-turquoise, jade, blue sky, dark violet.


As the winter tezes, also the Summer is characterized by shades of blue or pink. The skin of these women is usually pale or pink, and are natural blondes or Brunettes, of bright eyes. What’s your summer?

Of Course Summer
Eyes: Blue or green
Hair: Since Ash Blonde (of course or medium) until brown gray
Skin: Natural beige or pale beige soft (often with pink shades)
The best colors: light grey, bluish grey, cocoa, pink, pink blurry, coral, salmon, red, lemon yellow of course, blue water clear, blue-green, forest green, Navy Blue clear, blue-sky, azul-médio, lavender, violet.

Soft Summer
Eyes: Bluish grey or Hazel
Hair: Since gray Brown to medium (possibly with blond nuances)
Skin: Light or medium-neutral beige
The best colors: light grey, medium grey, cocoa, pink fuzzy, pink, Fuchsia, baby pink, Fuchsia gentle, raspberry, bordeaux, clear lemon yellow, light green, turquoise, jade, green, forest green, Navy Blue, dark violet, lavender, purple, sky.

Fresh Summer
Eyes: Grey, blue or blue-gray
Hair: From medium gray to dark brown (little or no red nuances)
Skin: Fresh beige, azul-negro, beige-gray or beige neutral
The best colors: light grey, bluish grey, cocoa, feldspar, Brown, pink, Fuchsia, pink, smooth glacial intense, bordeaux, turquoise, jade, green, clear blue, blue, blue, lavender, purple-violet, dark blue, average.


The autumnal tezes characterized by Golden shades, being a category where you can find women redheads and Brunettes, many of which with golden brown eyes. Learn what kind of Autumn is your:

Deep Autumn
Eyes: Dark Brown, dark green or dark Hazel
Hair: Dark brown or intense Brown
Skin: Bronze, ivory or beige gold (no shades of pink or peach)
The best colors: black, Black-Brown, light yellow, burnt yellow, peach, terracotta, salmon pink, tomato red, bright red, deep red, dark pink, lemon yellow, camel, jade, moss-green, bronze, turquoise, green, forest green, azul-cadete, purple, dark purple.

Soft Autumn
Eyes: Light brown, smooth, blue or Hazel grey-green
Hair: Since Golden blonde to medium brown (possibly with blonde or red nuances)
Skin: Ivory or beige neutral
The best colors: maroon, Brown, grey, light grey, camel, persimmon, peach of course, pink blurry, intense pink, coral, terracotta, yellow light gold, mint-green, turquoise-Emerald, turquoise, jade, forest green, purple, eggplant.

Hot Autumn
Eyes: Brown, olive green, dark Hazel
Hair: Medium golden brown, red, Brown or Golden blond intense
Skin: Bronze, Golden beige, beige or ivory (possibly with freckles)
The best colors: camel, Khaki, coffee-Brown, medium brown, dark brown, coffee with milk, salmon, salmon of course, dark peach, pumpkin, rust, terracotta, Aubergine, yellow, burnt yellow, moss-green forest green, dark green, turquoise-Emerald, blue sky, dark violet, purple.