Satin Blouses 2013

For summer and new year, satin blouses will be on the rise, full of style, flexibility and comfort. They appear in vibrant colors and can be combined with various daytime and evening looks.

Regattas, shirts, one-shoulder blouses and the blouses of the type that will fall off leave the look very sophisticated and modern if combined with skirts, shorts and jeans. The smooth or printed sweaters in lighter colors, such as white, gray or lilac, look beautiful and can be complemented with delicate accessories contrasting with a heel sandal.

Long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts look good with laces(See our photo gallery with women’s shirts 2013), the cava americana and the pleats, perfect to wear with flared cropped pants and shorts and tailored shorts.

Satin Blouses

The colors will be strong and vibrant and can be found in turquoise, pink, yellow, green and red. You must know how to combine them with sober accessories so that the look is not flashy and with lots of information.

The shades of pink give a feminine and sensual touch. A belt made with satin itself, besides being a creative option, gives an extra charm. Use a pearl necklace, for example, if you want a more discreet combination.

How to Wear Satin Blouses

Try not to use shiny accessories, because the look will be too heavy. Shoes should not have light details. So flee the rhinestone, glitter and bet in medium heels, sneakers and skirts.

For casual workdays the big order is the short-sleeved blouses with a simple detail at the waist. A golden blouse blends well with light blue jeans. Already a a long-sleeved blouse with a dark accented skirt or with a social pants give a romantic touch, but at the same time serious to the woman, who can wear the look at work and then at a happy hour.

Satin Blouses Models

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