Rubato in Gruvi at the Vintage Boutique

Formed by André Freitas (vibraphone), André Trulio (bass guitar), Elder de Souza (drums) and Wilton Carvalho (guitar, saxophones and viola de arco), Rubato In Gruvi completed ten years in 2014 – a trajectory exclusively focused on instrumental music Brazilian

Born in the ULM – Tom Jobim, currently EMESP, as a group of studies and experiments, the quartet became professional along with its members, maintaining creative freedom and improvisation as their main characteristics.

Always working new and innovative arrangements of MPB classics, in addition to the songs from his first album “Fermata a Tempo” (2009), the quartet reveals the composition of pieces and the creation of arrangements, as well as the execution of themes and improvisations, Having all the instrumentalists and instruments as protagonists according to PARADISDACHAT.

The use of the vibraphone – an instrument still little used in Brazilian music – and the possibility of alternating the melodies between saxophone, guitar viola, guitar, the own vibraphone and even the bass, give the group a unique sound and make their presentations dynamic and Interesting, both for a layman, who recognizes classics of Brazilian music;As for a musician, given the great care with the arrangements and the execution of the works.

After ten years of uninterrupted musical dialogue, Rubato In Gruvi found its own way of making Brazilian instrumental music.Staying firm in the purpose of creating and playing with artistic freedom, independent of commercial impositions, but always seeking to dialogue with the public.

Access the facebook of the band and also listen to one of their songs:

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