Riding with Shoes, Tips By and For Girls

Recursively appears the doubt in many women. You can pedal with tacos, dress shoes, boots, anyway, with everyday footwear? Girls are especially careful in choosing her clothes and are globally known for his weakness for shoes.

And I recognize that a good shoe design makes enough by the attraction of them. However until I get there, I am not who to review the use of women’s footwear, so is that I’ve asked two friends bike users and that much of the time pedaling with shoes.

Sussi Poulsen is a Danish pedal by Copenhagen (and has also cicled in Santiago), works as a consultant in international business for Biomega. Sofía López is Chilean and pedal by Santiago and is member of Macleta (women top the Cleta), organization that has as project star Women bike school. Here its tips and printing with respect to the subject.

Sussi data

Is it possible to ride with shoes or tacos?

Of course, I am accustomed to cycling both with shoes as tacos. Cycling in general, you use only the front part of your foot, then gives equal what type of shoe you’re wearing. And as always we are going without trouble, you have everything controlled. Over to see both tacos and my bike as fashion accessories that go well with my clothes.

It takes you to opt for the tacos?

I have tacos because it is a part of my fashion style. The bike is a part of my lifestyle, and in my opinion are two things important and very compatible. I go to work, to parties and beach on bike and have not been either clothing or shoes to change me there because do me not lack. I am leisurely and relaxed, so the issue of sweat does not exist. When you walk slowly, reach anywhere even better if you had arrived in car.

What is important to consider when you ride with this type of footwear?

The only consideration is speed and your way to stop. When you go slowly you can go barefoot if you want, but if you’re going by turning each corner as if it were the Tour de France, I do not recommend bringing tacos.

The shoes are damaged?

The tacos don’t, don’t break. You only use them when you are stopped and you have one foot on the ground. Cycling does not collide with anything.

The Councils of Sofia

Are the shoes with the pedal compatible?

Since I changed the bike I tried that my pedaling is not a limiting factor of my way of dressing or fitting. No I got it at the beginning, but over a couple of years in that wet, sweat, chasconeos and pedaleadas to false have taught me the most practical and comfortable for pedalling without “dress up” out of my house and “des – dress me” to get to my destination. Pedal always dignified and with a bit of style, that’s the idea.

How was your experience riding with shoes?

First, and most important, is the feeling of comfort. I did my first pedal slippers because I felt calm. I don’t know if it was the safest, but he was throwing me to the street and didn’t add one concern in this adventure (when you think of simplicity to the dress, the first thing that comes to mind is using shoes). As he was passing the time, I had more skill and I gained confidence in the pedaling, there I switched to flat shoes and now, depending on the occasion, I use tacos.

My experience in the BiciMujer school also shows me this “evolution”. First class all the students come with slippers and many with diver, as they feel good and they are learning to set firm foot on the pedal start arriving to class in jeans and shoes as anycountyprivateschools.com recommended.

To which items should be careful when you ride with shoes?

Here comes what is very important: the type of surface of the sole. For example, I have noted that the natural sole (which is leather) is not very useful, shoe slips, being danger above all in the game and uncomfortable during pedaling. The ideal are the soles of rubber and hopefully well rough or design (especially with the boots, there are brands that make several drawings in the sole, are the best!).

A detail. There are shoes that work well in normal conditions, but the wet tend to slip. Not only in winter by the rain, but also in the summer with the irrigation of pasture. To remedy this problem, the shoes may be where Shoemaker and put “midsole” rubber. Do not change the aesthetics of the shoe, no worry, but it does make it much safer.

Another issue are the shoes with heels that fit you great or are bare heel, since they may drop when starting or stopping. But this is a matter of shoe and not if design has taco or not, that is why the best are shoes with straps at the ankles or closed to prevent falling. Maybe for some more skilfully it is okay to “hold” the shoe while you pedal it, I believe that it is possible, but it also requires more caution during pedaling.

Then the bike and your everyday clothes go well

Beyond practical considerations, riding bike with heels is also show that this is only our means of transport, which we can maintain our lifestyle, we can do all the activities normally do and not needing special equipment or clothing to give the opportunity to ride every day… that we are not fanatical bike, we are ordinary women , only that we realized the tremendous advantages of moving us to pedal!

There is, I not could have said it better. The bike and your everyday clothes are quite compatible. It is clear that when we’re riding in the city to make our activities do not we are competing, if not enjoying the relaxation and the pleasure of cycling as a wonderful tool that allows us to access our activities. In the end nothing prevents to use footwear you want and nothing indicates that you should use a certain type of shoe. You’re still as free as always in the choice of your clothes.

Move bike today, it will be a good day.